My amp collection - Mesa/Boogie & Fender


If I elect to do so, any of the acoustic instruments with pickups installed is amplified by a 2000 model Fender Acoustasonic Jr. combo amplifier. In addition, it functions as a sound source to play long with when the CD player is hooked up. The transistor amp is stereo, with 40W per channel driving 2 8” speakers and a piezo horn. Channel 1 is to be used for the acoustic instrument and has volume, treble, mid, and bass controls. To rein in any potential feedback, this channel is equipped with a notch filter control that can be used to remove the offending frequency. The string dynamics control can be used to tame the harshness often associated with piezo pickups for a more natural, warmer sound. Finally, some reverb can be mixed using the reverb button. Channel 2 can be used for an external source, microphone or a second instrument. It has a phase switch to filter out external noise. It only has a volume, treble, and bass control. The balance of reverb between channel 1 and 2 can be dialed in using the reverb send control. Additionally, chorusing for this channel can be switched off with a dedicated button. Finally, in the master section, one can find the controls for the chorus effect as well as for the reverb. This amp became part of the collection in a straight-up trade for the Mesa/Boogie DC-3 (see my story on the Artist II) at Guitar Center since that amp was superseded by my rack gear.

The smallest tube combo in my collection is a 2001 Mesa/Boogie Subway Blues, a 20W amp driving a single Eminence produced 10” Vintage Black Shadow speaker. And strangely enough, about a year after I got my rack gear, I spotted it at American Music and just though that a small practice amp that is easy to shlep around would be a worthwhile addition to my amp collection. So in effect, this is the actual replacement of my Mesa/Boogie DC-3 (see above)! The 5 controls are simplicity in and by themselves: volume, treble, middle, bass, and reverb. Especially the middle tone control serves a dual purpose. When turned past 2 o’clock, it also adds some additional gain for nice overdriven sounds. The bright/fat switch allows you to make optimal use of the sound shaping controls for both single coil and humbucking pickups. A beautiful little amp which is easy to shlep around and, as the name already may allude to, is perfect for blues!


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