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Beyond the rosewood fingerboard, this G&L ASAT Bass Commemorative Edition is entirely equivalent to the Commemorative Bass w/maple fingerboard featured on the previous page; even the 7½” fingerboard radius. Same swamp ash body with rear body contour, gold hardware, decal, and Cherryburst finish. Same Magnetic Field Design (MFD) pickups, tuners, and Maxima strings.Same electronics identical to the L-2000/L-2500 basses. Information on this ASAT Bass Commemorative Edition Rarebird can be fund int the Registry on the Guitars By Leo (GbL) website.


G&L ASAT BASS Commemorative EDITION w/rosewood Fingerboard

The story behind this bass

Year:                 1993

Serial number:    Not in collection (yet)

Neck date:         Unknown

Body date:         Unknown

Strings:              Optima/Maxima Gold Strings Electric Bass Roundwound 2299 (45-100)

The only reason I am looking for this bass is to complete the Commemorative Edition collection with all available configurations, guitar and/or bass.