The world of yowhatsshakin


Starting with the Broadcaster in 1985, originating from a brilliant marketing ploy by Dale Hyatt, G&L’s most popular model was born. After both Fender Musical Industry Corporation (FMIC) as well as Gretsch were complaining about the name, the model was renamed to ASAT in 1986, but by then this (better) version of the Telecaster had garnered a lot of attention and accolades. This model makes up the vast majority of the guitars in my collection by trying to bring together at least one specimen with each and every pickup combination ever released by the factory; no after-market mods and/or pickup swaps are allowed. Most of the story of the Broadcaster/ASAT is captured on the pages for the different models: the specs for the guitar with special focus on the pups and how it got into the collection. Why the other non-ASAT models then? Some of these pickups appeared first in a different G&L model. These so-called “source guitars” have been added so the evolution can be placed in the proper historical context.

Below you find some of the advertisements for the Broadcaster/ASAT published by G&L over the years in guitar magazines. For a pictorial overview of all 70+ Broadcaster/ASAT guitars in the collection, please visit the ASAT Gallery where many group shots are found. Enjoy!


G&L Broadcaster/ASAT