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The Kahler™ 2320 flat mount fine-tuner floating vibrato is covered by US Pat. 4,457,201 filed by David Storey on August 31, 1982. Ever since it was introduced on the G&L Superstrat models in 1985 it was always available in 2 versions: “Krome” and “Black Krome”. They are even found on a few Interceptor basses as discussed in Greg Gagliano’s “Wiggle Stick Basses”. Most G&L instruments I have seen have the dark and stylish “Black Krome” appearance. Fewer have the silvery “Krome” look. This even though “Black Krome” would cost you $60 more until the price difference disappeared on the September 1, 1987 price list. Recall that this is the mid-1980s when metal and shred reigned supreme. For their sonic pyrotechnics, the existing vibratos were not providing enough tuning stability, if any at all, for the barrage of dive bombs. In the day, Floyd Rose was the main competitor of Kahler and both these companies provided much improved designs. To this day the Kahler is still standard on the (Jerry Cantrell Signature) Rampage.


Kahler™ 2320 flat mound fine-tuner floating Vibrato