G&L tech resources: Bridges


The Tune-o-matic (TOM) bridge assembly was designed by Ted McCarty and is hence mainly associated with Gibson, especially its Les Paul model. Whereas early Les Pauls had wrap-around tailpieces, with corresponding problems in intonation, ever since 1954 the LP (Custom) bridge consisted of 2 parts: a tailpiece in which the string ball-ends are seated and a bridge with 6 individual adjustable saddles. TonePros is a manufacturer of rock-solid guitar hardware and makes its versions of the TOM. This assembly, here consisting of the T3BT locking bridge and T1Z locking tailpiece, was first introduced in 1998 on the ASAT ‘Junior’ CCD Limited Edition model more as a joke to create an ASAT looking as much as an Gibson Junior as G&L could get away with. Later, the same bridge is also featured on the ASAT Junior II and ASAT Deluxe II models in both the Korina Collection and Savannah Collection. On relevant import models, i.e. the Tribute Series ASAT Junior II, discontinued by the end of 2022, and (pre-2018) Tribute Series ASAT Deluxe II, Ascari GT, Ascari GT-90, and Fiorano GTS models, G&L used a TonePros C-TPFP bridge and CT1 tailpiece instead.


TonePros Tune-o-matic bridge