G&L tech resources: Wiring harnesses


When consulting the archived page for the ASAT JD-5, the intended switching scheme is described as “1-neck, 2-neck w/.0022µF cap in parallel for deeper tone, 3-neck+bridge, 4 neck+bridge pickups out-of-phase, 5-bridge pickup”. On my 2004 ASAT JD-5 this is not the case. First, the 5-position Oak Grigsby Super Switch pickup selector is inverted in that the bridge pickup is accessed by having the tip point toward the nut (position-1). And it has this switching scheme: 1- bridge pickup, 2- neck + bridge out-of-phase switching in a 6.2kΩ resistor and a 10,000pF (.01µF) ceramic capacitor for the neck pickup while the bridge pickup has just a 6.2kΩ resistor, all soldered to the switch, 3- neck pickup, darker using a 2,200pF (.0022µF) cap from the switch directly to the housing (i.e. ground) of the CGE 250kΩ Audio taper volume potentiometer, 4- neck+bridge, 5- neck pickup. This makes it rather similar to the Jerry Donahue wiring schematic posted on the Seymour Duncan forum with some small differences. The volume pot has a 1,000pF (.001µF) treble bleed capacitor, instead of the 2,200pF (.0022µF) cap shown in the diagram, still in parallel with a 150kΩ resistor, giving the pot an effectively DC-R range of 0kΩ - 93¾kΩ. The tone control is identical to the one shown in the diagram with a CGE 250kΩ Audio Taper pot in series with a 22,000pF (.022µF) cap to ground. All of this hints to this guitar having a hybrid of the intended G&L harness and the one preferred by Jerry. I would need the help of other JD-5 owners to settle this. If you have info, let me know.