G&L tech resources: Wiring harnesses


The first guitar shown below is John Jorgenson’s ASAT Z-3 prototype, with 1990 date stamps but likely competed in 1993 given the presence of Japanese sourced potentiometers. Even here does the wiring harness drawn by Paul Gagon in 1998, accessible on the archived G&L website, not completely match reality. The 250kΩ Audio Taper volume potentiometer has a 200pF ceramic treble bleed capacitor, absent in the diagram, and although the tone pot is indeed 500kΩ Audio Taper, the 22,000pF (.022µF) cap acts as a treble bleed, soldered between signal and the wiper, instead of being in series to ground. By 1999, the production year for this ASAT Z-2, CTS pots were used again, as also evidenced by this ASAT Z-3 Semi-Hollow from a year later. Both have an identical volume control as above. But the tone control is the familiar 250kΩ Audio Taper pot with a 22,000pF (.022µF) treble bleed. Of course they differ in using a 3-position pickup selector on the Z-2 and a 5-position pickup selector on all other guitars in this section. As for the modern day ASAT Z-3, this 2007 Will Ray Signature model demonstrates that, beyond the addition of a push-pull volume pot to allow other pickup combinations, nothing has changed in terms of the harness.


ASAT Z-3/ASAT Z-2/Will Ray Signature