G&L tech resources: Guards & shielding


Many early G&L guitars, and later (entry-level) basses, had a ¹⁄₁₆” thick, cold-rolled 6061/T6 aluminum pickguard. To complement the finish of the Locktight (Saddle-Lock) bridge, it was common to find one with a similar black powder-coated finish. The exterior feels slightly rough and granular on these guards. And they are not the most ideal shields due to the relatively poor conductivity of aluminum and even more, the aluminum oxide surface. Examples of a black powder-coated guards shown are for an early S-500 and Comanche VI. The screw hole bevel on the latter is on the wrong side, making it effectively suited for a southpaw guitar. But since there are no left-handed Z-coil pickups, it needed to be scrapped! Also an example of an unfinished aluminum guard for an ASAT III is shown below.


Black powder-coated aluminum