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Here a later version of the Interceptor base matching my Tan/Gold Sparkle 3rd style Interceptor w/Leo Fender Vibrato. Everything is pretty much the same compared to the Interceptor Bass on the previous page with only a couple of changes. The body is soft maple instead of swamp ash. The switches for pickup selection, parallel/series bass boost, and active/passive preamp control now all have chromed toggles and are rear-mounted, as are the master volume and Passive Treble and Bass (PTB) tone controls. The control cavity also houses the battery to power the preamp, as seen in the picture below. The peghead is the sleeker version of the (matching) “sickle headstock”, commensurate with was was used on other instruments of that era. The bass is still equipped with 2 Magnetic Field Design (MFD) Bi-Pole™ humbuckers and the 34” scale hard-rock maple neck again has a 7½” rosewood fingerboard and 1¹⅟₁₆” nut. Go to its page in the Rarebird section of the Guitars by Leo (GbL) Registry to find more information.


G&L Interceptor bass (rear-mounted controls)

The story behind this bass

Year:                 1987

Serial number:    B019510

Neck date:         MAR 25 1985

Body date:         none

Strings:              D’Addario EXL170 Nickel Wound Light Long Scale (45-100)

I got this bass from Bruce Fowler, but in researching the S/N I found that once upon a time this bass was owned by (old) GbL forum member West Side Duck. This bass as well as the matching 3rd style Interceptor just happened to be offered at the same time but on different auction platforms. It took some delicate timing and finagling to make sure both would come this way. And a nice end-of-year bonus from work. The pocket is void of any markings or date stamps which causes you to be totally thrown off when you read the year of the heel: 1985?! The year quoted above is based on information coming from (one of) the previous owners. Did somebody forget to set the wheel correct? If this neck is indeed from 1985, was the G&L teat removed after the fact? Lots of questions. What is certain though, is that these Interceptor basses sound fantastic. It is puzzling why they weren’t more popular. An inversion of “form over function”? Who knows? The sound I like the most (so far) is passive, using both pickups, and playing with a palm-mute technique. Deep and soulful!