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The smaller footprint Bi-Pole™ Magnetic Field Design (MFD) pickup, as printed on the pickup cover, was introduced on the El Toro and El Toro-E in 1983 and the Interceptor Bass shortly thereafter. However, from what is otherwise printed on the pickup cover, one can see it cites the same US Pat. 4,220,069 as its larger footprint MFD humbucker brethren discussed on the previous page. The main difference is that whereas the MFD humbucker found on the L-series basses have a single pole screw per coil right underneath each string, the Bi-Pole™ pickup uses 2 per coil per string, for a total of 16 adjustable pole pieces, with the string running in between each pair of pole screws. Allegedly, as the El Toro spec sheet below claims, “The large cross sectional mass of bass strings is advantageous to the Bi-Pole™ pickup in that there is a reduction in the collapse of the magnetic field, thus producing a more even response.“


Bass: Bi-Pole™ pickup