G&L Price lists 1992-2010


Suggested retail price list July 1, 1997

  1. This price list has 8 pages.

  2. The ASAT line is extended with the ASAT Deluxe and (BBE-era) ASAT III.

  3. Several ASAT models are now also available in a Semi-Hollow version.

  4. The black hardware ASAT Standard has been renamed to just ASAT.

  5. Instead of the Climax, one now finds the reincarnation of the Invader in different configurations.

  6. All guitars are now 4-bolt including the George Fullerton Signature model.

  7. Four new instruments were extensively covered in marketing material that year even though each was short-lived: the ASAT Classic Custom, the L-1500 Custom, (5-string) L-1505 Custom, L-2000 Custom, and (5-string) L-2500 Custom.

  8. Both aforementioned 5-string basses are also available as the newly introduced L-1505 and L-2500, respectively.

  9. An optional Bird’s Eye maple neck is available on both guitars and basses for an extra $35 dealer cost.

  10. Satin finishes come standard on guitar and bass necks. Gloss finishes are available at an extra $55 dealer cost.

  11. Neck can be finished in a “gun-oil” tint at an extra $85 dealer cost.

  12. Fretless fingerboards on basses are still only ebony but now with optional “ghost lines” at no extra cost.

  13. Top binding or double binding on a body are available as options. Top bound comes at an extra $75 dealer cost whereas double binding is available at an extra $150 dealer cost, i.e. $75 per side. No restrictions are listed.