G&L Price lists 1992-2010


Suggested retail price list November 1, 1998

  1. List now includes a column for Minimal Advertisement Price (MAP).

  2. The ASAT S-3 replaces the BBE-era ASAT III which is discontinued.

  3. It is explicitly stated in the respective descriptions that the ASAT Z-3, ASAT Z-3 Semi-Hollow, Comanche, and all Invader models are available as right-handed models only.

  4. Mention that the Natural Satin finish is recommended for Curly Maple tops only.

  5. The #1V neck profile, standard on the George Fullerton Signature model, is now available on all guitars except any Invader which still come with the #4 neck profile only.

  6. A Deluxe Tolex case is available at an extra $40 dealer cost and a Tweed case for an extra $50, not sold separately.

  7. Otherwise this price list is identical to the February 1, 1998 price list.