G&L tech resources: Nuts & string retainers


Graph-Tech provides instrument builders with high-tech precision parts, nuts and string trees among them. It just so happens the oldest instrument in this collection, an L-1000 bass from 1980, has a Graph-Tech TUSQ replacement nut. But when one talks about a G&L with a Graph-Tech nut, it is usually a guitar, more often than not with a vibrato of some kind, and a Black TUSQ XL nut which has a low friction due to it being impregnated with PTFE (aka teflon). Although this F-100 Series I from 1981 has such a nut, like the aforementioned bass, it may very well be a replacement too. But this 1988 3rd style SC-3 for sure left the factory with this nut. Now for a little puzzle. As indicated in the section for the bone nut, the SC-3 could be ordered with such a nut (or a Wilkinson roller nut) for a short period of time between mid-1987 and mid-1988. But given the 3rd style SC-3 pictured here is from darn close to that period, could it be G&L intended to indicate the SC-3 was available with a low friction Graph-Tech nut instead and used the incorrect nomenclature? In any case, the Black TUSQ XL nut became the default on the Legacy Special model ever since its introduction in 1993. Later, the same nut became the default on both the S-500 as well as the Comanche. However, any other guitar could be requested with such a nut. As Guitar Shorty did for instance for his 1994 ASAT Special. G&L has used the Black TUSQ XL nut on many of their special builds. Examples below are the ASAT ‘Super’ from 2004 and the 2014 GbL LE-2. Although a bone nut became the default in 2009, one can still specify what one will find listed as a “Graph-Tech” nut on a spec sheet, i.e. invariably a Black TUSQ XL nut. The Black Ice Deluxe II comes by default with a bone nut but the dealer who ordered the one now in this collection clearly must have specified such a nut upgrade. The Graph-Tech nut is also found on this ASAT Classic Bluesboy (Empress) from 2016, the youngest example in this collection.


Graph-Tech nut