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One had to wait until 2012, but then VP of Engineering Paul Gagon finally designed an Alnico V single-coil pickup for the ASAT Classic line of guitars. His inspiration were the pickups found on late-1950’s and early1960’s Telecasters. His years of experience with and rewinding of these vintage pickups allowed him to come up with a bridge pickup with the most spanking twang “that’ll stop you in your tracks” exquisitely balanced by a neck pickup that has a chrome cover but “leaves those anemic old pickups in the dust”. Visually, the bridge pickup has flat pole pieces and no covers as can be seen on this ASAT Classic Solamente Alnico. The neck pickup, as seen on e.g. this ASAT Classic Alnico prototype, has the expected chrome cover, just like the originals. The latter is possible, because unlike the ASAT Classic Magnetic Field Design pickup, there are no height-adjustable pole pieces. Although one might have expected another ASAT Classic Alnico pup, the middle pickup in the ASAT Classic ‘S’ Alnico is actually a reverse-wound/reverse-polarity (RW/RP) CLF-100 pickup! The pictures below of a set of spare pickups show how they are put together.


Guitar: ASAT Classic Alnico