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The CLF-100 is the first G&L pickup design with no participation of Leo Fender. And the first non-Magnetic Field Design, of course. The Legacy, introduced in 1992, was the first model with these pickups although those built between 1992 and 1994 in general have Seymour Duncan Vintage Flat Strat (SSL-2) pickups. The CLF-100 is a vintage style pickup with flat, non-adjustable, Alnico V magnetic slug pole pieces. This Phyllis model: ‘Blondie’ is as good of a representative of the Legacy line as any other. Both my 3-bolt and 4-bolt George Fullerton Signature models have creme pickup covers, with the 3-bolt covers lacking the G&L logo, and their special tone stack inspired by the 1950’s Stratocaster instead of the usual PTB circuit which complements these pickups so perfectly. The CLF-100 has appeared on some ASAT models, usually as a neck pickup. Both the ASAT HB and the middle pickup on this Custom Shop ASAT HSH RMC have one with a black cover but on the ASAT JD-5 the cover has been removed, as was the request of Jerry Donahue for whom this model was developed.


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