My guitar and bass collection


THE acoustics

A mix of artisanship and modern technology

Ranging from my oldest, i.e. an Ibanez 12-string guitar, to my favorite acoustic instruments as built by Collings, the company founded in Austin, TX by the dearly missed Bill Collings, this group is void of the most popular brand for acoustic guitars. Among the Collings instruments one will also find a pair of ukuleles (OO-koo-leh-lay) and an A-style mandolin, three of a few “specialty” acoustic instruments found here. When I was able to buy higher-end acoustics, I first settled on a couple of Ovation guitars, a brand famous for using aerospace technology. The collection contains enough instruments from Tacoma, a great, but short-lived, little builder here in Washington state, that it also warrants its own chapter. These include their version of an F-style mandolin and their acoustic and electric Papoose miniature guitars. There is even a connection between Tacoma and no other but G&L, the main brand featured on this site, in that the former built about 200 acoustic guitars for the latter, one of them present in this collection. The specialty instruments also include a National Reso Phonic Style 1.5 Tricone. And being a big fan of Ryan Adams’ music, I always lusted for a particular model from the Harmony Company, defunct since 1975 although the brand was resurrected in 2018 now focussing on electric guitars and amplifiers. And finally, the collection includes my favorite travel guitar: a Taylor Baby.