My guitar and bass collection


THE acoustics

A mix of artisanship and modern technology

Ranging from my oldest (Ibanez AW-25) to my most favorite acoustics (Collings), this group is void of the most popular brand for acoustic guitars. When I was able to buy high-quality acoustic guitars, I first settled on a couple of Ovations, a brand using aerospace technology.

You can’t do without a couple of specialty instrument. So the requisite mandolin, ‘soprano’ guitar, and National Reso-phonic are also featured here. The now defunct Tacoma Guitars was a great little builder here in Washington state. Just a mere 4 years after they started out, they built some acoustics for no other than G&L. But they came into their own a couple of years later with some very innovative instruments. Tacoma was absorbed by FMIC in October 2004 before it regretfully disappeared entirely in 2008. The 2 Tacoma instruments, as well as the G&L prototype, predates that take-over. And being a big fan of Ryan Adams, I always lusted for a particular model from the Harmony Company, another defunct company, since 1975 this time. And finally, the collection includes my favorite travel guitar: a Taylor Baby.