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This is my oldest guitar. Bought in 1982 when I was still young and reckless. That purchase also happens to be the first made in which the beautiful woman who is now my wife had a say. It is the only surviving specimen of my original batch of cheap guitars. Besides this one, I had a Hondo Les Paul knock-off, and a no brand mahogany dreadnought with spruce top. All but this 12-string were incredibly hard to play. Mainly because I barely understood the workings of a truss rod. Setting up was something I did while playing volleyball and, at least at that time, had little to do with guitars. This one was set up just perfectly straight out of the box and has maintained that trait without too much tinkering ever since.

This particular guitar has always been with me wherever I resided. It has kept me company when my wife and I were living in small quarters in both Amsterdam and Sicily, and was my main axe until I bought a Gibson Les Paul in 1998. But it should tell you something that the Les Paul is long gone (see PRS Artist II) and this one is still here! It is a testament that Ibanez was really starting to make headway in the guitar building industry in the early-1980s and had come into its own by constructing instruments with an unbelievable price to value ratio.


Ibanez AW-25 12-string

A 12-string guitar in Ibanez' Artwood Series from the early-1980s. The guitar has a cedar top and mahogany back and sides. The neck is also made from mahogany with an ebony fingerboard. The machines are either made by Schaller or at least Schaller type. Although Ibanez still releases models in the Artwood series, this model is no longer amongst them.

The story behind this guitar



D’Addario EJ38 Phosphor Bronze 12-String Light (10-47)