‘The Real Ones’ - References/Links


Links to Strings

This list contains all string sets referenced on the yowhatsshakin.com website, not just those on G&L instruments. As of 2006, G&L uses D’Addario strings which happens to be my personal favorite brand of strings too. Strings used by G&L prior to 2006 are referenced in the What gauge & brand of strings does G&L use on their guitars?” post on the Guitars by Leo website. The first paragraph can be traced back to the answer to Question #16 in the FAQ section of www.guitarsbyleo.com, the previous Guitars by Leo website, where Dave McLaren explicitly calls out the gauges used on a 5-string bass. But it should be noted D’Addario does not produce a standard set with a .045” G-string and .125” low B-string. Rather, he still seems to refer to the NR45125G&L set made by SIT (Stay In Tune) strings, the brand used by G&L between about 1996 and 2006. The entries for G&L Hot Rounds strings below are from price lists dating between January 1, 1982 and January 1, 1991. These private label strings were produced by GHS strings, a brand using a hexagonal core (hexcore) for wound strings in some of their sets. However, it should be noted SIT also uses such a core for their strings.