‘The Real Ones’ - Resources


As far as any G&L related links are concerned, there are a couple important ones I would like to single out. These links are related to 2 websites which have provided me with much information and are still the first place I consult when something needs to be cross referenced.

First the one started around 1997 by Brad Traweek for G&L aficionados: the Guitars by Leo (GbL) website. Although it has stiff competition of Facebook Groups (there are at least 5 G&L related groups at the time of writing), it is still going strong. Its Knowledgebase [sic] provides access to a wealth of technical information, either in table form or as responses to questions by forum participants. Its Gallery contains many pictures of especially older, pre-BBE G&L’s. And the Registry is where one can find information on many serial numbers. Its entry page summarizes the so-called G&L Rarebirds, i.e. instruments only produced in limited quantities. Unfortunately one needs to create a separate login to be able to register an instrument.

Second, the site hosted by Greg Gagliano, a contributor to 20th Century Guitar Magazine before their demise in late-2008 and now Vintage Guitar Magazine, and one of the best websites in the business on all things Leo: ggjaguar.com. His site has a large section on G&L guitars and basses up to about 2008 with a handful from 2012 to 2018 added later, accessible through this index page. Much of the info provided for each ASAT on the site has also appeared in condensed form in the articles Greg wrote in 2005 for 20th Century Guitar Magazine.


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