‘The Real Ones’ - A history of G&L


Today is Thanksgiving of an unspecified year. And I feel I could not have undertaken all of this without assistance of, encouragement by, and help from many people. I am sure I will have forgotten some in the end, for which my apologies. But beyond my wonderful wife, for whom no words can express my gratitude, those others that came to mind today are listed in alphabetical order:

Jay Boone - proprietor of Emerald City Guitars in Seattle, WA, and provider of all my appraisals.

Andrew Campbell - You feature in the history of quite a few instruments on this site.

Dean Coy - thank you for allowing me to acquire one of your dcskunkworks Z-12 guitars.

Mark Daigle - thank you for locating and mediate in the acquisition of Commemorative Bass #10.

Kees Dee - Only 2 guitars were purchased in Europe, including this beautiful John Jorgenson Signature w/maple fingerboard you had in your store. You turned out to be knowledgeable about the brand and I treasure the discussion we had on a gray Saturday morning.

Gabe Dellevigne - G&L connoisseur extraordinaire who has never stopped to amaze me with his generosity of time and knowledge. I am waiting for that book you and Greg are writing ...

Craig Dewey - webmaster of Guitars by Leo (GbL). You sold me the ASAT Z-3 prototype you had gotten from John Jorgenson himself. Thanks!

Greg Gagliano - G&L researcher, author of articles in 20th Century Guitar and Vintage Guitar, and foremost originator of the wonderful ggjaguar.com website. It is still my first go-to place. Now go finish that book with Gabe!

H Larry Garrett - not only were you one of the foremost G&L experts before your untimely passing but you made us all the beneficiaries of your contribution in updating the G&L section in the “Blue Book of Guitar Value”. And much to my surprise you were willing to let go of the ‘Buck Owens’!

Bryan Griffith - Griff, we have not conversed of late but I want you to know you were instrumental in getting me started. Thanks you for your sage advise on taking better pictures. I have to admit I ignored it because of how fast the batteries deplete on this ol’ jalopy I am using, but for the real pics for a coffee table book, I will make sure to heed it!

Jeff Gruwell - thank you for actually playing these wonderful instruments in your band Blue Moonshine. And now you own that gorgeous Broadcaster w/Kahler and #5, I no longer have to deal with your pleading for my ASAT w/Kahler and #5 neck.

Jason Hieb - Thank you for introducing me to ‘Char’ and ‘Keef’, 2 guitars I have always passionately cared about. I am super excited they are both part of this collection now.

Nikhil Kolar - thank you for lending so much support to this project. Sorry, no LEGOs.

Patrick Krook - for all the work you put in creating some special guitars: the GbL LE-2 and, with paint jobs dear and near to you heart, the G&L Detroit Muscle Series.

Paul Lombardo - a very early G&L collector through his connections with Dale Hyatt. Thank you for your wonderful story about the ‘Buck Owens’ you owned until recently.

Gary Maki - there is not a person or store I have bought more pieces from than you. Every single one was something to behold: all top notch, all well preserved and maintained. It is a pleasure to do business with you!

Eric Martin - proprietor of Martin Music Guitar in Memphis, TN, and the man who made everything right with ‘The Wrangler’. Getting a proper replacement OHSC was quite the coup!

Thijs van Milligen - Without contacting me about your 1982 L-2000E I would not have made an important discovery. Or it would have taken much longer to add 2 and 2 together.

Tim Page - with his brother Bob owner of Buffalo Brothers in Carlsbad, CA, before they sold it a while back. I bought many a guitar from the store but foremost I thank you for “fixing” the missing COA for my ASAT Z-2.

Jim Patnoude - With his brother Rick, part of what colloquially is called ‘The Michigan Mafia’, the group of pre-BBE G&L aficionados originating in Milton Smith’s guitar shop. Thank you, Jim, for the beautiful and rare guitars I got through you.

James Schultz - proprietor to The Guitar Store in Seattle, WA. I am sad the whole G&L thing did not work out for you but it clearly did not affect the success of your business, at least not until the CoViD-19 came along. I enjoyed our interactions as much as I am still enjoying the ASAT Deluxe Semi-Hollow TV Jones prototype you got me.

Trever Scott - I am highly indebted to you for sharing information on the history of prototypes used in the development of certain pre-BBE G&L models. It filled many a gap in my knowledge up to that point.

Ron Stoehr - you are without a doubt to root cause of all this madness. If you had not turned me onto G&L guitars while you were running The Zobrist, none of this would have happened. And I blame Andy Salzman too.

Mike Teepe - proprietor of Acme Guitars in St. Louis, MO, who de facto became my middle man to get almost all my pieces in the Dale Hyatt Collection.

Mac Whiteside - Thank you, for filling me in on all things related to the ASAT JD-5. I fondly recall our long, long phone conversation.

Jay Wright - author of “GAS! - Living with Guitar Acquisition Syndrome” (2006, Lulu.com, ISBN 978-1411661790). Dear Jay, I cannot say I was not warned ...

To each and everyone I ever bought an instrument from. With one notable exception, you have never betrayed my trust. I hope I did not betray your trust in me.

And finally my friends on the GbL website who have always encouraged me and expanded my knowledge. These friends include but are not limited to Jamie Argent-Jones, Ken Crombie, Steve Goodman, guitar_ed, Brock Frazier, Chris Hammond, Tom Lavely, Jeff Marshall, Sam Norris, Darwin Ohman, Shawn Penney, Eric Philpott, Casey Quinn, Wayne Richman, Will Ross, and Chip Schumann. I lift this cold one and salute you all.

This project, which started in 2009, is dedicated to those who came along for the ride: my dear wife Jommie and Leila and Mocha (deceased 2020), the best cats ever.