‘The Real Ones’ - Books and articles on G&L


Of course over the years, many, many reviews have been written on G&L instruments in a plethora of magazines and journals. Instead, as a G&L historian, I like to focus on books and articles about the history of G&L, those involved, i.e. Leo Fender, George Fullerton, and Dale Hyatt, and retrospective reviews of certain instruments. You will also find an extensive list of mostly G&L related resources and links referenced in the pages on this site. Have fun with it!

Almost all I write about is on stuff I own. However, there is one notable exception not in my possession while one will see references to it time and again: Dale Hyatt’s log. Dale kept one of the 2 copies of pre-BBE production/sales logs which contains invaluable information on orders, initial configuration of instrument, serial numbers actually shipped to dealers, potential returns, etc. After Dale’s passing in March 2013, the log (and many of Dale’s guitars) were bought from the Hyatt estate in June of that year by Mike Teepe of Acme Guitars in St. Louis, MO. Noted G&L collector Larry Garrett sold them to an unknown highest bidder in early-2021 just before his untimely death on July 2nd that year.


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