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Links Instruments: G&L

The Guitars by Leo website has 3 pages with comprehensive lists of instruments built by G&L throughout their existence. The first is a page listing their Production Instruments (USA), with a section on guitars at the top and basses at the bottom. Since there are so many ASAT models, they receive some special attention with separate pages for Regular production ASAT-style guitars and Special Editions and non--production ASAT-style guitars. The remainder of this section is a compilation of all models for which a dedicated webpage could be found, archived or not. So far, the L-5500, some late additions to the 30th Anniversary Collection (ASAT Bass, ASAT Classic Bluesboy, S-500, and SB-2/SB-2T), Custom Shop Matador, and Custom Shop 40th Anniversary Espada are the sole exceptions. They merely have placeholders.