‘The Real Ones’ - References/Links


Links to GbL Registry and Rarebirds

The Guitars by Leo website has a Registry where owners can enter their instrument. Unfortunately, even as a member of the GbL forum, one needs a separate set of credentials to log into the Registry if one want to register an instrument. Fortunately, the database is publicly searchable and will show all entries fulfilling the search criteria provided. The email address of the last known owner is provided in the results unless the owner has indicated to remain anonymous. The landing page of the Registry shows a list of models known as G&L Rarebirds, models made in limited quantities and desirable to collectors. Here is that list but now in alphabetical order instead of chronological.

  1. 1.20th Anniversary model

  2. 2.25th Anniversary model

  3. 3.ASAT ‘50

  4. 4.ASAT Bass Commemorative

  5. 5.ASAT BB (Blues Boy) Special Edition

  6. 6.ASAT Classic Commemorative

  7. 7.ASAT ‘Classic III’

  8. 8.ASAT Custom

  9. 9.ASAT III (pre-BBE)

  10. 10.ASAT ‘Junior’

  11. 11.ASAT Trinity Special Edition

  12. 12.ASAT Z-2

  13. 13.BABP Limited Edition (L-2000)

  14. 14.Broadcaster

  15. 15.Comanche V

  16. 16.Comanche VI

  17. 17.F-100 Return Edition

  18. 18.G-200

  19. 19.HG-1

  20. 20.HG-2

  21. 21.Interceptor

  22. 22.Interceptor Bass

  23. 23.John Jorgenson Signature

  24. 24.L-5000

  25. 25.Nighthawk

  26. 26.Phyllis model: ‘Blondie’

  27. 27.Rampage Reissue (Custom Creations Rampage)

  28. 28.SC-1

  29. 29.SC-3 (1st style)

  30. 30.‘www.guitarsbyleo.com’ LE