‘The Real Ones’ - References/Links


Links to TonewoodS

The Wikipedia entry for what a tonewood is can also be found in the Definitions. But there are some other valuable resources. Most important are The Wood Database and The Tonewood Data Source where each of the species listed below can be cross referenced. Additional sources are the Tonewoods page on the Ormsby Guitar website and Dave Hunter’s article “Tonewood Tutorial: Everything You Need to Know about Tonewoods” for Guitar Player Magazine. And although not focussed on tonewoods, the Woodworkers Source website has bee a helpful resource on woods in general. For any disambiguation on all the kinds of “mahogany” available, one should consult the extensive multipart “What is mahogany” article on the Gaskell Guitars website (part 1, part 2, part3). Finally, any tonewood supplier’s website can at times be very helpful. Without the intent of picking favorites, sites used here include Hibdon Hardwood, Inc., Luthiers Mercantile International, Inc. (LMII), ToneWood.com, and Warmoth.com. Note that this table does not contain separate entries for any artificially aged (i.e. torrefied or roasted) nor spalted tonewoods, although the commercial entities listed above may have on their sites.