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With the introduction of the Korina Collection ASAT Junior II in 2011, G&L released their own version of the venerable P-90 single-coil pickup as engineered by then VP of Engineering Paul Gagon. Their designation is similar to the G&L Alnico humbucker. For instance, the bridge pickup on both the Korina Collection ASAT Junior II and Savannah Collection ASAT Junior II is an AP42108B, i.e. an Alnico V (‘A’) P-90 (‘P’) pickup with 42 AWG wire (‘42’) used for 108,000 (‘108’) windings and a black (‘B’) cover. Similarly, the neck pickup for these Junior II models as well as the Savannah Collection ASAT Bluesboy 90, is an AP4290B: an Alnico V P-90 pickup with 9,000 (‘90’) windings using 42 AWG wire and a black cover. Before July 2015, the AP4290B was also found as the neck pickup on the Fallout and standard production ASAT Classic Bluesboy 90 (Semi-Hollow). After that date, these models use an AP4285B neck pickup instead, i.e. a P-90 with an Alnico V magnet and 8,500 windings of 42 AWG wire. This slight change in number of windings likely took place because the newer pickups are better balanced with the G&L Alnico bridge humbucker introduced on the Fallout at the same time. The AP4285B is also used as on the Tribute Series Junior II where it is combined with an AP42105B in the bridge, i.e a P-90 pup with 20,000 more windings than the neck pickup. For the (discontinued) Tribute Series Ascari GT-90, which had otherwise the same pickups as the Tribute Junior II, one finds ‘CR’ at the end instead of ‘B’, this to indicate the use of a Creme colored cover. Such a Cream cover is also found on the neck pickup of the 2019 Custom Shop ASAT RMC P-90/HB, an AP4285CR.


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