G&L tech resources: Tuning machines


The next evolution of the G&L branded Schaller closed-type tuning machines was to get rid of the tab and use a location pin instead. The oldest model in my collection with these tuning machines is the Broadcaster, and Black chromed at that. Which seemed to be the case for about all of them until a chromed version was introduced in 1987 (see e.g. this Invader w/LVF). Of course a gold plated version was available too, as seen on Lacewood #1, as well as a set with pearloid buttons used on the 2008 Phyllis Model: ‘Blondie’ Limited Edition. The most similar tuning machine on the current Schaller website is the M6 Pin closed-type tuning machine, with similar comment as for the closed tuning machines w/tab: no split, tapered post shown on the blueprint at the bottom. For the (black) chromed tuning machines shown below, the measured dimensions are thus: The outer collar has an OD of 0.383” and height of 0.450”, the straight part of the post has an OD of 0.235” and height of 0.285” above the collar while the tapered part has a minimum diameter of 0.177” and maximum diameter of 0.235” over a length of 0.327”. The slot depth is about 0.132”. Hence, the total length is about ¹⁄₃₂” shorter, but is still comparable to the tuning machines w/tab on the previous page. Since some of the lids popped off when ‘Char’ was caught up in a fire, the internal gears can be shown too.


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