G&L tech resources: Tuning machines


By 1981, see e.g. this early G-200, G&L already had switched over to Schaller closed-type tuning machines. Up to 1985 or thereabout, these tuning machines had a tab at the 135º mark as measured clockwise from the tuning button, some with a straight angle tab, some with a triangular tab. The closest equivalent one can find in the current Schaller online store is the M6 135 closed-type tuning machine. The blueprint at the bottom of the page does not show a split tapered post. Due to the hurry in which the 1st X-body Interceptor II needed to be built, only Schaller branded gold plated tuning machines were available. Note that the Lacewood #26 has a G&L branded version of the same tuning machines and that in both cases these gold-plated versions have a triangular tab. The outer collar of the tuning machine taken as a representative sample has a measured OD of 0.375” and height of 0.410”. The straight part of the post has an OD of 0.235” and height of 0.345” above the collar while the tapered part has a minimum diameter of 0.182” and maximum diameter of 0.235” over a length of 0.335”. The total length above the housing is about 1.090” with a slot depth of 0.132”.


Schaller closed w/tab