G&L tech resources: Tuning machines


The very early G&L guitars, like the F-100 Series II below, still had open tuning machines with a cover. At first, that cover was stamped with the Schaller logo but soon thereafter they were properly branded with the G&L logo, as seen on the HG-2 prototype w/DFV. However, that 1983 model is the last in my collection with these tuning machines; all main models had moved to closed tuning machines w/tab already by mid-1981. The closest one can find in the current Schaller online store are the Original F-Series ‘70s tuning machines. Check out the blueprint at the bottom of the page which shows these have a split post. But also notice the difference in the post taper between the pictures below and the blueprint. Taking one of the tuning machines shown below as a representative sample, the outer collar has an OD of 0.375” and height of 0.330”. The straight part of the post has an OD of 0.235” and height of 0.400” while the tapered part has a minimum diameter of 0.175” and maximum diameter of 0.235” over a length of 0.335”. The total length above the housing is about 1.065” with a slot depth of 0.175”.


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