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A pristine G&L F-100 Series II, i.e. with a #2 neck, mahogany body in Three-tone Sunburst finish, Magnetic Field Design humbuckers, Dual-Fulcrum Vibrato (DFV). Sonically, one has access to a mind boggling number of permutations with some special behavior as explained for the passive F-100 wiring harness. The more commonly found DFV bridge has the serial number stamped on it. This F-100 is also from an early enough date, it only has 2 chrome plated steel strings to provide the restoring force. Given that guitars were set up using a set of 9-42 strings at the factory, this was by design. From the picture below one can see there is still plenty of travel to adjust the claw. But not so much if players switched to heavier string gauges. On top of that, the DFV would be less stable too. As discussed on the SC-2 (1st style) w/DFV page, Leo solved this problem by adding a third string by the end of 1980. Since this is a Series II, the gorgeous flame hard-rock maple neck has a 7½” (maple) fingerboard. Also notice the skunk stripe hiding the truss rod rout as well as the old-style Schaller open tuning machines on the back of the headstock. Greg Gagliano’s has a couple of beautiful F-100 Series II guitars on his website. Information on the discontinued BBE-era F-100 can be found in this archived snapshot from 2017. Or check out Greg’s F-100 “reissue”.


F-100 Series II w/Dual-Fulcrum Vibrato

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As a collector, how many times do you run into something that deserves the term “time capsule”? My answer would be not too many times. My Broadcaster w/maple board most definitely earns that moniker. And this would be the second one. One evening Guitars by Leo website member BorisBalkan showed the guitar he allegedly had gotten from an estate on the forum, asking what he should do with it. The next day he had it listed on eBay for a very reasonable price. It is an absolutely stunning beauty with nary a scratch. Whoever owned it before must hardly have played it. It came with the original hardshell case (with keys!), instruction sheet, price list, warranty card, arm, and Allen wrench set. Usually at least one of these items, if not all, are missing in action. The wiring harness and/or the bridge pickup need some work though. In certain switch settings the pup is basically dead, but not in others. So I suspect the switches. The settings that do work though show this guitar to be a tone monster with a unique character. Yes, you get bucking but not Les Paul style. Yes, you get single-coil, but not Strat and/or Tele style. The pickup are extremely balanced with a sound that one might call high-fidelity. Alluding once more to how masterful of a pickup designer Leo Fender was!

The story behind this guitar



OCT 02 1980

SEP 30 1980

D’Addario EXL120 Nickel Wound Super Light (9-42)