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One of the earliest White guitars G&L built. This finish was first introduced on the January 1, 1982 price list and, on this F-100 Series IIE (‘F-100-IIE’ in price lists), has aged to a beautiful ivory with usual hairlines in the nitrocellulose lacquer. The original hue is still visible underneath some of the covers. The guitar has the usual 2 Magnetic Field Design (MFD) humbuckers but, like for the F-100 Series IE, with the ‘E’ in the model designation, they are controlled by an (active) F-100E wiring harness including a preamp. Note the adjustable pole pieces in these pickups have changed to Allen hex screws now. This particular F-100-IIE has the Dual-Fulcrum Vibrato (DFV) with only 2 chrome plated steel strings to provide the restoring force. Being a Series II, it has a slightly figured hard-rock maple neck with skunk stripe and 7½” maple fingerboard. The guitar is from an early enough era to have Schaller open tuning machines. Information on the discontinued BBE-era F-100 can be found in this archived snapshot from 2017 or this F-100 “reissue” page on Greg Gagliano’s website.


F-100 Series IIE w/Dual-Fulcrum Vibrato

The story behind this guitar


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The sonic capabilities of the F-100 with preamp are different enough to warrant its presence in this collection. Dale Garay previously owned this beauty and it arrived at the tail end of 2017. Initially I thought it would be an instrument from 1982, given its color, but was pleasantly surprised by the date stamps which leave no doubt it is from the tail end of 1981. Still a skunk stripe, still silvered covers, neck plate, and control panel, still Schaller branded “diagonal” tuning machines. A beautiful relic. The guitar can be easily recognized since the cover for the battery compartment has only 1 screw. The other is broken off and still lodged in its hole. The guitar feels rather heavy, maybe due to its soft maple body, which is an oddity. But it may be the very reason this is one great sounding guitar, better than any other F-100s I have.

The story behind this guitar



OCT 13 1981, marked ‘RC’

NOV ?? 1981 (Sharpie ink obscures day)

D’Addario EXL110 Nickel Wound Regular Light (10-46)