G&L tech resources: Tuning machines


Schaller Bass BM tuning machines are covered by US Pat. 3,982,462 Helmut Schaller filed for on December 2, 1975, but with a modified tapered post as covered by Leo’s US Pat. 4,046,050 to help the string seat properly. Early tuning machines used on e.g. this 1981 L-2000E seen below still have a script Schaller logo before they were properly branded to G&L. For a 4-string bass, the configuration has always been 4-in-line. But for the 5-string basses, it is always the battle to avoid neck dive due to the hardware at the end of a pretty long lever. This 1988 L-5000 has a 4+1 layout which would have made the bass “neck heavy” were it not for the important improvement of using aluminum tapered posts, keeping it reasonably balanced. These tuning machines have a satin finish and slightly more domed at the top. Using a 3+2 layout, as employed on the L-2500, is an additional factor in reducing torque on the neck. The pre-BBE collars have more of a rounded top instead of the ridge on the more modern collar shown below. The ASAT Bass Commemorative had all its hardware in gold of course. The tuners are available in the Online Store as G&L Ultralite Bass Reversible units.


Schaller Bass