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For about a year the L-1000 was the only bass guitar in G&L’s catalog. In 1981 G&L added the L-2000 which used an additional Magnetic Field Design (MFD) humbucker closer to the bridge and was available with choice of mahogany, soft-maple, or swamp ash body and either maple or ebony fingerboard. Initially, the L-2000 could be had either as fully passive or with active electronics as the L-2000E. The latter was so popular that the L-2000E became the only offering in 1982. This is  an early active bass still with a skunk stripe on the back of the neck. The mahogany body is finished in Natural Gloss which gives it a dark brown hue. The bridge is a black wrinkle powder-coated Locktight (Saddle-Lock) bridge with all other hardware chromed. The electronics for the two MFD humbuckers, with slot-head pole pieces typical for the 1981-1982 era, consists of a 3-way pickup selection switch (black), splitter switch (red) to select “humbucking” (towards bridge) or “single coil” mode with “increase in bass ratio” for the latter, and another 3-way switch (white) to select between passive mode (toward bridge position), low impedance active mode (middle), or low impedance active with treble boost (towards the nut), volume control, and what is now know as the Passive Treble and Bass (PTB) tone controls. The 34” scale hard-rock maple neck has a 7½” ebony fingerboard and 1⅝” nut width. See Greg Gagliano’s website for more history on the L-2000E. The L-2000, now with a series/parallel switch instead of splitter switch, is still part of the modern day G&L line-up as one can see here:


G&L L-2000E

The story behind this bass

Year:                  1981

Serial number:    B007215

Neck date:         DEC 18 1981

Body date:         none, marked ‘5’

Strings:              D’Addario EXL170 Nickel Wound Light Long Scale (45-100)

Unexpected surprise for Xmas 2016 when this bass appeared on eBay. Its sound is thunderous! The PTB controls are once more very powerful. Its look is amazing! The color is marked above as Natural Gloss but it could be Clear Red too which has aged to this gorgeous root beer hue. Is the F-100 in the possession of BBE which acted as the inspiration of the 25h Anniversary Custom Blend of a similar hue? This L-2000E needs a little bit of TLC in that it has lost the (super thin) washer and nut on the white tipped preamp switch. Working on that.