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When the L-2000 bass was introduced in 1980, it initially was available in both totally passive mode (L-2000) or with preamp (L-2000E). However, it was soon clear the L-2000E was more popular and the L-2000 was soon discontinued. When the El Toro was introduced in 1983, the same would happen again. The version with preamp, the El Toro-E, turned out to be much more popular than the passive El Toro, even though the latter was used for the initial ad shown below. The passive El Toro remained in production only for about 6 months and is super rare. One can see a Black one on Greg Gagliano website. Beyond that, there is Willie G. Moseley’s “The G&L El Toro” discussing the passive version of the El Toro.


El Toro (passive)

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Not in collection yet. Either a passive L-2000 or a passive El Toro will fit the bill.

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D’Addario EXL160 Nickel Wound Medium Long Scale (50-105)