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My first Commemorative with a less-common rosewood fingerboard. This triple-bound model has of course a gorgeous swamp ash body in Cherryburst finish, highly figured Bird’s Eye maple neck, and all gold hardware and a neck plate stamped “Commemorative Edition” and “#152 of 1000”. You can read more on the actual number produced on my “G&L Commemoratives” page. Since at the time of production it was already known that Leo would be inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame on January 15, 1992, it comes with the special COA.

No G&L webpage exists for this guitar, but I refer to Greg Gagliano’s website and his maple fingerboard Commemorative. Another great resource is this thread on the Guitars by Leo website and its Registry where you will find the ASAT Classic Commemorative Edition listed.


ASAT Classic Commemorative Edition w/rosewood Fingerboard

The story behind this guitar


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What more is there to say, except that this is about the only model that are truly museum pieces not to be played (frequently). The #152 crossed my path in some circuitous way and I could not pass up on the opportunity. Just when I discovered at 3 am (insomnia) that a bonus had been paid out, it showed up on eBay. It is an absolute eye-catcher with a fairly unique dark line pattern at the center of the back of the book-matched body. The Commemorative is generally considered to be the pinnacle of the Signature models, and hence the most desirable. And to now have several in my collection is a big dream come true!

The story behind this guitar


152 (#152 of 1000, but likely 250 or less produced)

NOV 10 1992

OCT 22 1992

Optima/Maxima Gold Strings Electric Guitar Roundwound 2028 EL (9-42)