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Another test instrument for the the Commemoratives: a triple-bound ASAT Classic Signature with a (Three-tone) Sunburst finished gorgeous swamp ash body and white Leo Fender signature decal. It further has an ASAT Classic 6-saddle bridge, 2 hand-wound ASAT Classic Magnetic Field Design (MFD) pickups, ASAT Classic wiring harness (volume, tone, 3-position pickup selector), and white enameled aluminum pickguard. The hard-rock maple #2 Bi-Cut neck has a slight figure and a beautifully aged gloss finish. The bound rosewood fingerboard has a 7½” radius and 1⅝” nut width. The beauty of the binding is shown in the picture tour included below. Among all the early ASAT Classics featured on Greg Gagliano’s website is also a triple-bound ASAT Classic Signature (follow the embedded links to even more guitars). The ASAT Classic has ever since been part of the lineup:


ASAT Classic Signature (triple-bound)

The story behind this guitar


Serial number:

Neck date:

Body date:


An October 1991 was never really on my radar. All Commemoratives, Lacewood or otherwise, were already triple-bound. Things only changed when I was contacted by Jim Patnoude, known for his impeccable taste in pre-BBE G&L instruments, as evidenced by this instrument. What a looker! Things became even more interesting when it was revealed the owner before Jim was Andrew Campbell, provider of more than one guitar in this collection. He acquired this guitar in a deal with John McLaren Jr. around 1993-1994. So Jim and I struck a deal in early-2019. When the box arrived, I was wondering whether there was an actual guitar inside due the lightness of the package. Andrew had mentioned its resonance in an email to Jim. True! Great sounding guitar. But not one without some history. What to make of its entry in the log more than 2 days prior to the date stamps found on the instrument? And the ‘426’ is tantalizing close to the ‘PO #’ for the last entry in this snippet, i.e. ‘423’. Did the purchase order number change after the S/N was entered in the sales log? Who knows? While double body binding became an option on the ASAT Classic per the October 1, 1994 price list, for neck binding one had to wait much longer. The February 1, 1998 price list seems to be the first one with explicit mention of the neck binding option.

The story behind this guitar



OCT 16 1991, marked ‘426’, ‘#’, ‘CL’

OCT 07 1991, marked ‘426’, ‘#’, ‘S/B’

D’Addario EXL110 Nickel Wound Regular Light (10-46)