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Much of the ‘hog’ Bluesboy story could be repeated here. And here even less is known! This ASAT shaped guitar has a solid Honduran mahogany body and neck, all in caramel finish, 12” ebony fingerboard, a G&L CLF-100 Vintage Style Alnico V pickup in the neck, and a G&L AW4370B Alnico humbucker in the bridge position combined with rear-loaded volume control, tone control, and 3-position pickup selector. And a model with one of the lowest production numbers: less than 35. On the 2010 price list, G&L offered the foreign manufactured Tribute ASAT HB, but it easy to spot the main difference: the Tribby also sports a neck bucker.

And that’s about where all the info stops. It’s hard to impossible to find any other tidbits on this model. In all likelihood, when you search for this model online, you either end up on this page or the Tribby! Thus the intriguing question remains: what were G&L’s intentions? It was never listed as a CCD Limited Edition nor a Special Build on its website, nor as a Rarebird on the Guitars by Leo (GbL) website, although that site mentions it as a Special Build in its “Special Editions and Non-Production ASAT style guitars” section, and still production was halted soon. Given the time period in which this model was produced, is this “inverted” Bluesboy an attempt to create a potential 25th Anniversary model? Both have an all mahogany body and neck and a special color as a finish. Or was it a modified ASAT ‘Super’ with which it shares its body, neck, and fingerboard material? Or was this model just used to test the newly developed, proprietary AW4370B humbucker? After all, this is the only US made model that sports this pickup (usually Seymour Duncan produced humbuckers are used for most other US models, but see this G&L humbucker equipped 4-bolt ASAT Deluxe). Otherwise they are used on the aforementioned Tribute ASAT HB and Tribute Legacy HB. And how can my guitar have a serial number dating it closer to 1998? My theory is that G&L had ordered a batch of white decals for better contrast on the headstock of the all-mahogany ASAT ‘Junior’. Decals left over must have been used on the all-mahogany models built during 2004: ASAT ‘Super’, Legacy HB, Comanche (at least one), Invader XL (at least one), and ASAT HB. This is consistent with my findings that all but 10 instruments registered in the GbL Registry with serial numbers between CLF10000-CLF10500, CLF11001-CLF11200, and CLF11301-CLF11340 are one of these aforementioned models, making it likely all of them have white S/N decals. The exceptions are an S-500 Deluxe, an Legacy 2HB/HH, another Invader XL, 2 Legacies, an L-2500, an ASAT Special SH, an ASAT S-3 (!?, completely wrong era), and an ASAT Z-3, with an unused neck plate thrown in for good measure. Not a single instrument has been registered so far with a serial number between CLF10501-CLF11000 and CLF11201-CLF11300. All just conjectures. But does any of this hold water?



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If you collect a particular model, you are always on the look-out for some rarities or an interesting specimen. No difference for me when it concerns ASAT models. I remember that in early-2005, Buffalo Brothers had a couple of ASAT HB’s listed on their website and hence I was aware of the existence of this model. But as stated above, it is really hard to find any info so many years later. Nevertheless, in June 2010, one appeared on eBay with no reserve and a low starting price and I was able to secure it. First off, it comes in a beautiful brown tolex case; same as used for the ASAT Trinity Special Edition. When first plugged in, I was pleasantly surprised. The Vintage Style Alnico V CLF-100 is the same pickup as used in the George Fullerton Signature model (as well as the Legacy) and sounds incredibly sweet in a mahogany body. Beautiful mellow tones, but with retention of high frequency bite, were coming out of my amp and I didn’t switch pickups for at least an hour. The humbucker has the well known fatness but since it is in the bridge position, plenty of top-end is left. The pickups are very well balanced. Compared to any of my Bluesboys, as well has the 25th Anniversary model, this guitar has a little more aggression to it. I’m not sure why they stopped producing it because I love the HB.

The story behind this guitar



none, marked ‘ASAT HB’, ‘Caramel’

DEC(?) 06 2004 (month hard to read due to shim in pocket)

D’Addario EXL110 Nickel Wound Regular Light (10-46)