‘The Real Ones’ - A history of G&L


This page (no pun intended) is dedicated to the creations of Tim Page, either alone or in close collaboration with his brother Bob and/or the craftsmen at G&L. These Special Editions were exclusively sold through Buffalo Brothers in Carlsbad, CA, the store he and Bob owned until March 2013. In addition, Tim will be the first to acknowledge the continuous support and encouragement provided by the “G” in G&L, Mr. George Fullerton. Each initial run consisted of a very limited number of instruments. But in one case, more have been produced. Which is quite an understatement! With his first creation, the ASAT BB (Blues Boy) Special Edition issued in June 1999, Tim hit a home run right away. This model has become the Bluesboy production model which is now one of G&L’s biggest sellers. His second model, the ASAT ’50 was also issued in June 1999. It is based on a 1950s Fender Esquire. It would take another 14 years before G&L would reintroduce a similar instrument in the ASAT Classic Solamente. It is highly unlikely that the ASAT Z-2, which became available in November 1999, will ever be produced again. The tortoise binding on this model led to so much trouble that G&L swore never to use this type of binding again! It took until the end of 2006 to make it a quartet of Buffalo Brothers Special Editions with the creation of the magnificent ASAT Trinity Special Edition, with some wonderful contributions by Mr. George Fullerton himself who hence is also one of the signees of the companion COA. As an interesting side note, the ASAT Trinity Special Edition was the first model to be PLEK’ed and about half of them have the new style non-compression truss rod necks instead of the Bi-Cut neck in use up to that moment. Tim has confided in me that he has some other candidates that would make interesting Special Editions. And although now without a store, I still hope he’ll execute on it because I hardly can wait what it might be!

Buffalo Brothers Special Editions (L-to-R):

1999 ASAT BB (Blues Boy) ‘Contour’, 1999 ASAT ’50, 1999 ASAT Z-2, 2006 ASAT Trinity Special Edition.


Buffalo Brothers special editions