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One of G&L’s top selling models, based on the semi-hollow version of the ASAT BB (Blues Boy) Special Edition, with a Seymour Duncan (SD) Seth Lover (SH-55N) humbucker in the neck position. The bridge pickup is the usual traditional sized ASAT Classic Magnetic Field Design. The swamp ash body has been routed and capped with an ash top with a single f-hole. The beautiful Sunburst finish is complemented by a Pearl pickguard to give it more visual sparkle. The ASAT Classic 6-saddle bridge allows for easy setting of intonation. The controls are the usual volume control, tone control, and 3-position pickup selector. As for many of my G&L’s, the neck is Bird’s Eye maple with 12” radius, finished with gun-oil stain. This model is still available but the SD Seth Lover became optional in March 2016. G&L now uses their own A2S4248N pickup as seen on this ASAT Classic Bluesboy (Empress). For more information on the current version, visit:


ASAT Classic bluesboy semi-hollow

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This is an incredibly versatile guitar and a great blues machine. The humbucker in the neck position provides a certain warmth that beautifully balances out the snappy sound of the single-coil MFD bridge pickup. It allows you to dial in a large range of sounds which are vastly different from the sounds I get out of my other ASATs, even my other Bluesboys: the ’Contour’, ‘hog’, Korina, and Spalted Maple, likely due to the difference in body construction and tonewoods. Beyond that, this guitar is very lightweight which makes it a pleasure to play over long periods of time. This is also a guitar I bought through eBay, which shows you there are some nice instruments out there in that market place. But I did upgrade the case to an official G&L tweed hardshell case. Suits her just fine!

The story behind this guitar



none, marked ‘Classic’, ‘BE’, ‘TGN’

JUN 17 2004, second stamp JUN 14 2004

D’Addario EXL110 Nickel Wound Regular Light (10-46)