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Another beautiful Special Build guitar from G&L’s Custom Creations Department made in limited quantities but with the possibility to have subsequent production runs. This guitar is number 17 of the first 60 built during the first and only run in late-December 2007 and January 2008. An additional 40 spalted maple top ASATs were built starting in May 2008, mostly Classics. So strangely enough, less have been built than e.g. the Limited Edition ASAT ‘Junior’ or 25th Anniversary model both with a run of 250 instruments. And unlike the ASAT ‘Super’, in this case the origin has been “codified” by the inclusion of the Custom Creations logo on the back of the headstock with the “#17” printed below. As can be read on the G&L website (see link below), they had come across a stash of high quality spalted maple. The decision was made to utilize the stash by building a special version of the Bluesboy. Unlike the “ordinary” Bluesboy models, where ash would be used in conjunction with clear finishes, here the body is alder capped with the aforementioned spalted maple, all finished in Clear Natural. The true beauty of this model is that beyond the flame this maple top already shows, there is the added figure due to whatever the fungi cultures contributed in the spalting process. Although the esthetics can be hit and miss, in this guitar it has been enhanced by book matching the top. Like on all Bluesboy models, this model has an ASAT Classic Magnetic Field Design single-coil pickup in the bridge position and a Seymour Duncan Seth Lover (SH-55N) humbucker in the neck. The wiring harness consists of a 3-position pickup selector, volume control, and tone control, all rear-loaded. The neck is hard-rock maple with a 12” East Indian rosewood fingerboard, Dunlop (Medium) Jumbo 6100 frets, and non-locking Sperzel tuning machines. For additional information and specs, see this archived snapshot from 2017 of the page on the old G&L website.


ASAT Classic bluesboy Spalted Maple

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The appearance of this guitar just caught my eye. To see the spalting and then still see the maple flame underneath is just breathtaking. To accentuate the “swampy” origin, I ordered an after-market G&G alligator vinyl covered hardshell case which seems to add even more to the allure. OK, so put the whole ensemble in a glass-coffin like contraption and hang it on the wall as a piece of art. Yeah, right! Guitars are there to be played! Since this guitar has different body woods than usual, the sound again is different compared to preceding Bluesboy models. As is true for all of them, the humbucker in the neck position provides a certain warmth that beautifully balances out the snappy sound of the single-coil MFD bridge pickup. But the alder/maple combination seems to add even more warmth to it. And I also discovered an undocumented feature: the tone-control turns out to be push-pull so you can split the neck humbucker. Very cool, since that adds back some more snappiness but still with plenty of jazziness. What an amazing tone machine!

The story behind this guitar


CLF48909 (#17 of first 60)

none, marked ‘Classic Glossy Spalted’

DEC 27 2007

D’Addario EXL110 Nickel Wound Regular Light (10-46)