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The G&L Korina Collection of course started out by buying a stash of limba. With the wood in the factory, several prototypes were built (see e.g. my ASAT Classic Korina or ASAT Deluxe Korina prototypes) by the Custom Creations Department (CCD). After its initial inception by Tim Page (see e.g. ASAT BB (Blues Boy) ‘Contour’), the Bluesboy has become one of the bestselling models released by G&L. But hardly ever has it been part of a limited run. In 2005, the CCD tried their hand with a Special Build mahogany body Bluesboy, with only 28 produced in the end. In 2008, another Special Build run: the ASAT Classic Bluesboy Spalted Maple. But still no true Limited Edition ASAT Classic Bluesboy. That has finally been rectified with the inclusion of the Bluesboy in the Korina Collection. Beyond the 2-piece korina body and quartersawn, light tint gloss finished hard-rock Eastern maple #1 neck with 12” pau ferro fingerboard with Jescar Medium Jumbo 57110 frets, it has all the characteristics of the Bluesboy: an ASAT Classic Magnetic Field Design pickup in the bridge position, Seymour Duncan Seth Lover (SH-55N) humbucker in the neck, volume control, tone control, 3-position pickup selector, single-ply black plastic pickguard, and 1⅝” nut width. No longer readily accessible, more information can be found in this 2017 archived snapshot of the old G&L webpage.


Korina Collection ASAT Classic bluesboy

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At the end of 2011, I owned or had on order 2 out of the 3 official ASAT models in the Korina Collection plus an ASAT Classic prototype. Cannot really leave out the final one then, can you? And although this model had only been recently released, in early-2012 I found a Korina Bluesboy on eBay for a terrific price! This one falls in one of the of the earlier production runs. Even though built at the end of August 2011, 6 months after the transition to an S/N plate, it still has a water slide decal and Special Build style Silver COA (with model and collection handwritten in) but comes with 2 spec sheets and form fit deluxe Tolex hardshell case. The body has beautiful streaks of black limba running over the upper half on the back. As with all Korinas, compared to the “ordinary” version of the model the sound is a tad more mellow with more mids. As James Nash states in “G&L Korina Collection ASAT Classic Bluesboy, Deluxe II, Junior II”, as well as his video review, this is a guitar able to cover both the Fender- as well as the Gibson-universe with 2 distinct sounds: “Switching to the neck pickup almost feels like changing guitars”. But in my opinion also with a delectable middle position.

The story behind this guitar


CLF60577 (one of 100)


AUG 22 2011

D’Addario EXL110 Nickel Wound Regular Light (10-46)