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In trying to come up with instruments for the Korina Collection Limited Editions, G&L’s Custom Creations Department (CCD) it was inescapable to sonically test an ASAT Classic with a korina body. A prototype was built late-January/early-February 2011 with otherwise all the Classic look and layout. And then it likely went around the factory to be played by all interested for feedback only to fall short in the mojo category compared to the other participants. Oh well, that can happen. As evidenced by the correct handwritten serial number on the neck heel, it is one of the first instruments built after the early-February transition to a S/N plate, form fit G&L tolex hardshell cases (still made by G&G), and inclusion of spec sheets including a PLEK number. So instead of rehashing the specs, now I can just refer you to the picture below and you know everything about this instrument! Since this concerns a prototype, it goes without saying that this is the only webpage available on this instrument.


ASAT Classic korina prototype

The story behind this guitar


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After ordering 2 of the 3 guitars in the Korina Collection, I had to wait about 5 months for the first one to come in (my Junior II). And I felt like leaving out the 3rd model would not be good. So around Xmas 2011 I started to look around online for “Korina Collection ASAT Classic Bluesboy”. But instead of a Bluesboy, a listing by the erstwhile Pro Guitar Shop in Portland, OR, popped up for a Korina ASAT Classic. That model is decidedly not part of the collection! So what is going on? In contacting the web store, I learned that the proprietor had laid his hands on several prototypes laying around while visiting the factory recently. Most were color/finish prototypes but it also included 2 Korina prototypes: an ASAT Deluxe and this ASAT Classic. I though about it for a while and finally made the decision to buy the Classic, given I had put in an order for the ASAT Deluxe II in July already and was still awaiting its arrival. (The Deluxe prototype still joined the collection 14 months later!) As you can judge yourself, it is a beautiful looking instrument. The neck and headstock has great flame and the body is almost completely void of streaks of black limba. Incidentally, the neck date is the same as for the first day instruments were issued with a spec sheet, as does this guitar completed 2 weeks later. According to the specs, this prototype has a rosewood fingerboard. But when I compare the picture of the nut with the one for the Junior II, I would almost swear it is pau ferro too. Anyway, it is like meeting an old friend who has become wiser and mellow with age. It still snaps and spanks like any other ASAT Classic but with more mids and warmth. Wonderful instrument. Only reason I can come up with on why it is not part of the Collection is the many other deserving candidates (like the Classic Bluesboy) lest the Collection would become too big. Not that it makes a difference to me.

The story behind this guitar


CLF061042 (prototype)

2/04/2011 (written), marked ‘#1B’, ‘061042’, ‘see STEVE’, ‘Korina wood’

JAN 24 2011

D’Addario EXL110 Nickel Wound Regular Light (10-46)