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This is the wide-bobbin version of the Magnetic Field Design (MFD) pickup and at the root of my love for G&L instruments. And hence this website! First used in 1983 on the SC-1 and SC-2 ‘entry level’ models, it went on to be integrated in the Broadcaster, later renamed to ASAT and nowadays the ASAT Special. A Jumbo MFD neck pickup is placed perpendicular to the string direction and its cover measures 3.600”x1.100”x0.660” (LxWxH with an uncertainty of ±0.015” in all dimensions). The distance center-to-center for the outer pole pieces is 1.970”±0.015”. However, the bridge pickup is slanted by (about) 15° which is reflected in its cover measuring 3.775”x1.100x0.660” (with an uncertainty of ±0.015” in all dimensions) with a 2.150”±0.015” center-to-center distance for the outer pole pieces. Note this angle is similar to the bridge pickup on a Telecaster and/or ASAT Classic. Two ASAT models even have 3 of these MFD pickups: the ASAT S-3 and the ASAT Trinity Special Edition, the latter with the middle pickup Reverse Wound/Reverse Polarity. The pickups on the 20th Anniversary model allegedly have 180-200 extra windings. Since the bobbing aperture was not modified, one should be very careful if the cover needs to be taken off on this model. This problem in producing a hotter pup was solved on the ASAT ‘Super’ by using 42-gauge wire for the neck pickup and 43-gauge wire on the bridge pickup. The name for this section is how it is referred to on G&L’s website, store, and instrument specifications. So no, it is not “G&L P-90” or something like that, as one frequently encounters. The MFD and P-90 are fundamentally different in construction and sound. The G&L version of the P-90 has its own chapter.


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