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Whereas the HG-2R “Angled Offset” has the slant, the GHB Magnetic Field Design (MFD) is the straight version of the same humbucker. One might have expected some version of the SC-2, more appropriately named HG-2, or HB-2 as the case may be, with an HG-2R “Angled Offset” pickup in the bridge and an GHB in the neck position since both pickups were developed in 1983. And there is at least one prototype known with exactly that combo. Even the ‘SCav-2’ present in this collection comes closer but still has the Jumbo MFD in the neck. Surprisingly enough, the HG-2 prototype w/DFV and all subsequent HG-2 production guitars have 2 straight GHBs. Hence, these buckers are commonly referred to as HG-2 humbuckers. With their cover dimensions of 3.360”x1.115” (LxW with an uncertainty of ±0.015” in all dimensions), the production GHB has a smaller footprint than the Jumbo MFD neck pickup and would fit comfortably in the rout for the latter. Since the pickups on the prototype have Jumbo MFD covers, that guitar needed correspondingly longer routs. Note the 12 additional holes to make room for the now 12 pole pieces. This was a well known habit of Leo when he was working on pickups. The nylon injection molded covers are relatively expensive to make, so frequently existing covers would be modified to accommodate the pole pieces of experimental pups. The prototypical GHB has 2 rather narrow bobbins which are pressed together. The DC-R values are 4.04kΩ for the neck pup and 4.06kΩ for the bridge, compared to 4.51kΩ and 4.52kΩ, respectively, for my “production” HG-2, indicating considerably fewer winding on these pups. Through the original unused holes it looks like there are 6 flat-head screws holding everything together. But that is all in the imagination. Note that like the HG-2R, the cover of the production version of this pickup is marked as ‘GHB’ on the wing on the treble side but only shows ‘PAT. 4220069’ on the top. This pickup was also used in the bridge position of only a handful of pre-BBE ASAT III guitars as exemplified by this ASAT III Signature HSS, where the pole pieces are even gold plated.


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