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Around 1983, Leo Fender designed the HG-2R “Angled Offset”, a slanted version of the Magnetic Field Design (MFD), although marketing material referred to it as an “Offset-Humbucker™”. He filed for US Pat. 4,463,648 on May 2 of that year. When comparing the HG-2R pickup cover dimensions of 3.550”x1.100”x0.790” (LxWxH with an uncertainty of ±0.015” in all dimensions) with  to that of the Jumbo MFD bridge pickup, the former will fit comfortably in a rout for the latter, as evidenced by the ‘SCav-2’. The angle with respect to the string direction is (about) 11° from the perpendicular, a tad less than the 15° for a typical Telecaster/ASAT bridge pickup, with a corresponding slightly shorter distance of 2.100”±0.015” center-to-center between the outer pole pieces when compared to a Jumbo MFD bridge pickup. But whereas those are single-coil pickups, the HG-2R is a true humbucker. It can be seen on the revolutionary Interceptor II, in gold-plated form for the very early ones, and later the Cavalier. Which is why you also hear them being referred to as Cavalier humbuckers. The only ASAT with this slanted pickup in my collection is the ‘CavASAT’ prototype. Note that the pickup cover states ‘PAT. 4220069 & PAT. PEND.’, explicitly referring to the original patent for the MFD pickup while what became US Pat. 4,463,648 was still pending. Note the ‘HG-2R’ displayed on the wing of the cover on the treble side. Models using these pickups were not produced in large enough quantities such that the cover ever needed to be updated with both patent numbers.


Guitar: HG-2R “Angled-Offset”