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After BBE took over G&L, the ASAT got a “twin” and went through several name changes. Although chrome hardware had been available for a while, the ASAT Special name was introduced in late-1992 to distinguish the version with chrome hardware and white pickup covers from the black covers/black hardware ASAT. When they stopped offering black hardware in 1998, the ASAT Special became ASAT again. But since 2001, concurrent with the introduction of the ASAT Special Deluxe model, it is back to ASAT Special. Indeed, the (3-bolt) ASAT Deluxe, introduced in 1996 at the same time as the ASAT (Special) Semi-Hollow, is quite a different guitar. What’s in a name after all? This BBE-era ASAT Special is from autumn 1993 and has a swamp ash body in Cherryburst finish, 2 Jumbo Magnetic Field Design (MFD) pickups with white covers, 3-ply W/B/W pickguard, the updated ASAT wiring harness (identical to the ASAT Classic), chromed Saddle-Lock bridge (the official name for this bridge starting in 1992) and control panel. The hard-rock maple Bi-Cut neck has a 7½” rosewood fingerboard and chromed G&L branded Schaller closed tuning machines. For the current ASAT Special, information can be found here:


ASAT Special

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This model came very late to the collection. After having been involved in a thread on what caps were in use during what time period, I realized that I was missing a transitional version of the ASAT. That got fixed with this guitar in early-2016. This guitar sounds very sweet: a bit more highs due to the ash body but still very even and one might say mellow. Absolute workhorse!

The story behind this guitar



OCT 21 1993

SEP 23 1993

D’Addario EXL110 Nickel Wound Regular Light (10-46)