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Many of G&L’s innovations, especially those in its first 5 years of existence, were covered by patents owned by Leo, some of them hold-overs from the CLF Research Corp. days. George owned a very notable patent of an actually working 3-bolt neck, discussed in the “Neck & truss-rods” section. But Leo definitely provided the brain power at G&L, and the musical instrument industry as a whole for that matter. Even when only (design) patents filed by Leo and relevant to G&L instruments are included, it encompasses a wide range of topics: bridges, pickups, wiring harnesses to improve tone stacks, and tuning machines. Each of these are discussed in separate sections, listed above. Beyond that, the different kinds of pickguards & shielding, nuts & string retainers, and cases used throughout the years are also discussed. Those looking for information on suppliers of parts, please consult the “Parts - Sourcing and info” section in the References/Links.


Patents & parts