G&L tech resources: Pickups


With the transition of G&L to ownership by BBE Sound, Inc. in 1992, Gotoh Japan became a major supplier of pickups. The sourcing of the G&L Dual-Blade and Power-Blade pickups has already been discussed. But Gotoh makes many more pickups as listed in this table. The Climax series of guitars, one of the first new models of the BBE-era and available between 1992 and 1996, used the HB Distortion humbucker on the Climax (bridge), Climax “plus” (bridge and neck), and the Climax “XL” (bridge and neck). In the middle and neck positions of the Climax one finds an ST Classic Alpha single-coil pickup with non-staggered pole pieces, thereby emulating the pickup configuration of the pre-BBE Invader, and the Climax “plus” has a single ST Classic Alpha in the middle. When the Climax guitars were discontinued in 1996, the use of these pickups by G&L also ceased. For the Legacy Bass introduced in late-1992, Gotoh sourced the PB-Classic, a vintage-style Alnico V split-coil humbucking pickup. Due to a trademark infringement, the Legacy Bass was soon renamed to LB-100 which went on hiatus in the late-1990s thereby ending the era of non-Blade Gotoh pickups. When reintroduced in 2013, the LB-100 had G&L’s own LB-100 Alnico V split-coil pickup.


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