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This is another ultra rare prototype. According to a note by Dale Hyatt in his sales log for the serial number of a known S-300, there were less than 10 built and most likely only 4. There are 2 serial numbers in the Registry of the Guitars by Leo (GbL) website, both also displayed in its Gallery: S/N G009365, with May 1982 date stamps in the pocket and on the neck heel, and S/N G009391, entered in the sales log on 5-28-1982 and the one associated with the aforementioned note. The earlier blueprint in the GbL Gallery, drawn by George Fullerton (GWF), has a revision date of 8-17-1981, 10 days after George drew up the blueprint for the F-150 prototype. The later blueprint, also drawn by George, has a date of OCT-19-1982, 5 months beyond the production dates quoted above. The Gallery pictures show both entries with a Tobacco Sunburst body, white enamel pickguard, and black powder-coated control panel housing the PTB wiring harness and preamp. In the S-300 prototype 2 other G&L models seem to have come together again, now the F-100E, which also has a preamp, and the S-500, with its similar looking triplet of square corner single-coil pickups. Beyond the quoted material, not much else is out there on the S-300.


S-300 prototype

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Not in the collection and not likely to be added. G009365 had been listed on Reverb for a year before it moved in August 2019. Allegedly for a considerable sum, certainly when compared to some similarly historic pieces in this collection. That guitar has a Leo Fender signature decal on the headstock, the same as found on the Signature models available between late-1988 and late-1991, hence applied years after this guitar was built. G009391 was offered on Reverb during 2016 at an even steeper price. That auction shows the original white enamel pickguard seen in the GbL Gallery pictures to have been swapped out for a transparent guard.

The story behind this guitar


unknown (prototype)



D’Addario EXL110 Nickel Wound Regular Light (10-46)