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Only one (1) T-400 prototype is registered (so far) in the Guitars by Leo (GbL) Registry: S/N G009267. Looking at these pictures, this guitar seems to be some weird mix of what later became the S-500 and Broadcaster/ASAT models. It has the 3 square corner pickups of the former but the control panel of the latter with just master volume and tone controls. The blueprint found in the GbL Gallery has a date of 10-8-1981, clearly preceding the March 1982 release date of the S-500, but 2 months later than the date on the blueprints for either the F-150 or S-300 prototypes. The F-150 and S-400 are featured in “Out-Stratting the Strat” by Gabe Dellevigne and Greg Gagliano. Note that the blueprint also mentions a T-300 model. Any difference between the T-300 and T-400 are unknown since I have not seen nor am I aware of the existence of a T-300. Beyond the quoted article and referenced pictures in the GbL Gallery, no other information on this model is readily available.


T-400 prototype

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Not in the collection. And likely will never be. Although ... In early-2019, Carter Vintage Guitars in Nashville, TN, sent out a notification they had a 1987 G&L T-400 Series II nicknamed ‘Blondie’ for sale. It came from the estate of Leon Rhodes, a fast-picking studio cat who sadly had passed away in December 2017, and for whom this guitar had been his main axe for decades. But one can see that although it has a T-400 neck, with the headstock signed by Leon, at its core it is a seriously modded ASAT III. I trust it is a fine sounding instrument but a T-400 it is not. And of course, this ‘Blondie’ should not be confused with the other G&L ‘Blondie’ model which looks quite different. And that known true T-400 appeared on Reverb in April 2020 to disappear again the next day. Three months later it was back, again on Reverb with many more pictures. Unfortunately right when the world was enveloped in the CoViD-19 epidemic. The worst possible timing for an acquisition at the requested price point. Alas! However, it seems the guitar did change hands a couple of days into 2021. I hope it found itself a good home.

The story behind this guitar


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D’Addario EXL110 Nickel Wound Regular Light (10-46)