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As stated on the “Entry level models” page, I do not have exact knowledge when the SC-3 got a pickguard. On his website, Greg Gagliano features a Viking Blue SC-3 as well as a Red SC-3 dating to mid-1988, both having a guard already even though neither the January 1, 1988 nor the June 15, 1988 nor the January 15, 1989 price list price lists make any mention of it. But what can be stated authoritatively is that this final version of the SC3 is listed as such in G&L’s January 15, 1990 price list. One can argue whether it should be the 4th version, or maybe even 5th, but in this way parity is kept with the “Blue Book of Guitar Values”. It has the same contoured soft maple body as the transitional version but has either a white or black pickguard with the output jack, usual wiring harness (volume, tone, 5-position pickup selector), and the 3 Skyhawk Magnetic Field Design (MFD) pups mounted on it. The hard-rock maple neck, with matching finish as the body, has a 7½” radius rosewood fingerboard as the later transitional SC-3 had. Although the headstock on the 3rd style SC-3 is still without the G&L hook, in appearance this model is very close to the Skyhawk: move the off-guard output jack on the Skyhawk into the spot for the bass tone control and voilà.


SC-3 (3rd style)

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Chicago Guitar Exchange for the longest time had a Yellow SC-3 with white pickguard on their site. The chrome on the plastic knobs was clearly flaking, but otherwise it was a great looking 3td style SC-3 with its matching neck and headstock. Unfortunately, since other Leo-era instruments had higher priority, it sold before I could lay my hands on it. Fortunately a nice Red one, also with white pickguard but also Sperzel Locking tuning machines and Graph-Tech nut, turned up shortly thereafter. Although it came in a gig bag, was missing the arm as well as the spring cavity cover, a good price point was reached. And the missing parts were gotten from my stash of spare parts and from Electric Stringed Instrument (ESI), an operation run by Gabe Dellevigne making period-correct parts for Leo-era G&L guitars. The spring cavity has the mixed set of springs and the “price tag” sticker with date of “081688”. I had purchased a G&L branded soft case to replace the gig bag. But these SC-3s are about 1” longer than a modern day ASAT or Legacy. But a tolex hardshell case with black interior and no compartment, just 2 dividers, became available when an original case for the 1st style SC-2 w/DFV was acquired. Sonically, she sounds wonderful. But that should not surprise anybody. Nice quack in the in-between settings and cleans up great.

The story behind this guitar



JUL 29 1988

AUG 03 1988

D’Addario EXL110 Nickel Wound Regular Light (10-46)